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Suzuki Piston Ring For Vehicle Model F10A (465), Cylinder Diameter 65.5MM Or 66MM 465Q(A10) RIK NO 26005

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: SUZUKI
Model Number: F10A 465
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
Price: USD +12.00
Packaging Details: CARTON
Delivery Time: 3 DAYS
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 200 SETS
Detail Information
Material: Metal Alloy Durability: High
Size: Standard Manufacturer: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Color: Silver Product Name: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Spare Parts
Availability: In Stock Shipping: Free
High Light:

465Q(A10) Suzuki Piston Ring


65.5MM 66MM Suzuki Piston Ring


RIK NO 26005 Suzuki Piston Ring

Product Description

Product Description:

Suzuki Piston Ring For Vehicle Model F10A (465), Cylinder Diameter 65.5MM Or 66MM 465Q(A10) RIK NO 26005 0

The Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Spare Parts, specifically the MD162326 CON.ROD bearing, is an essential component for various Mitsubishi engine models. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, these spare parts are the epitome of reliability and performance. With the MD162326 CON.ROD bearing in stock, we ensure that our customers have prompt access to the components they need to keep their machinery operating efficiently and effectively.

Made from a high-quality metal alloy, these spare parts are designed to meet the rigorous standards set by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. The silver color of the MD162326 CON.ROD bearing is a testament to the clean and precise manufacturing process that these components undergo. This material not only provides an aesthetically pleasing finish but also offers excellent resistance to wear and corrosion, ensuring a long service life and consistent performance.

Installation of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Spare Parts is designed to be a straightforward process. The MD162326 CON.ROD bearing is engineered to fit perfectly into the designated machinery without the need for extensive adjustments. This easy installation saves time and reduces the downtime of equipment, allowing for a quick return to full operational capacity. Moreover, the intuitive design of these spare parts minimizes the likelihood of errors during installation, ensuring that the machinery functions as intended with the new components in place.

The availability of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Spare Parts is a key factor in the seamless maintenance and repair of Mitsubishi engines. With the MD162326 CON.ROD bearing in stock, customers can rest assured that they will receive their required parts promptly, without any unnecessary delays. This readiness to supply crucial components reflects our commitment to providing outstanding customer service and support.

The MD162326 CON.ROD bearing is not only a representation of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' dedication to quality but is also evidence of their expertise in the field of engine parts manufacturing. The precise engineering involved in the production of these spare parts ensures compatibility and optimal functionality within the engines they are designed for. Customers who choose Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Spare Parts can trust that they are investing in parts that will deliver the performance and longevity expected from a leading manufacturer.

In summary, the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Spare Parts, and in particular the MD162326 CON.ROD bearing, are an exemplary choice for anyone looking to maintain or repair their Mitsubishi engines. The combination of availability, ease of installation, durability, and precise engineering makes these spare parts a valuable asset to any operation. With these components, customers can expect reduced maintenance time, lower costs in the long run, and the peace of mind that comes with using parts from a reputable and trusted manufacturer. Trust Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Spare Parts to keep your machinery in top condition and your operations running smoothly.



  • Product Name: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Spare Parts
  • Manufacturer: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
  • Shipping: Free
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Metal Alloy
  • Compatible with S4Q2 engine models
  • Designed for S4S engine series
  • Part number: MD162326

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Details
Product Name Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Spare Parts
Material Metal Alloy
Availability In Stock
Installation Easy
Compatibility Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Models including S4Q2, MD162326
Shipping Free
Durability High
Size Standard
Color Silver
Manufacturer Mitsubishi Heavy Industries


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, renowned for their precision engineering and high-quality manufacturing, offers an array of spare parts for various applications, including the ENGINE PARTS for the S6R model. These spare parts, originating from JAPAN, are designed to meet the stringent quality standards set by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, ensuring reliability and performance. The standard size and silver color of these parts speak to the universal design and aesthetic consistency characteristic of the brand.

The product name, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Spare Parts, encapsulates a range of components suitable for different scenarios and applications. These parts find their use extensively in marine, industrial, construction, and agricultural sectors. The S6R model parts are particularly critical for the upkeep and maintenance of heavy machinery and engines that operate under demanding conditions. Users can rely on these genuine spare parts to extend the service life of their equipment and maintain optimal performance.

Free shipping is an added advantage for customers looking to procure these high-quality parts, ensuring that downtime is minimized and operations can continue with little to no interruption. The "In Stock" availability status further assures buyers that their needs can be promptly met, reducing the potential for operational delays that can arise from parts shortages.

The ENGINE PARTS for models like S4Q2, S4S, and S4Q2 are crucial for those in the market for replacements or upgrades to their existing machinery. These models are some of the most commonly utilized engines in Mitsubishi's lineup, and the availability of spare parts ensures that all necessary repairs and maintenance can be handled swiftly and efficiently. Whether it's routine service or emergency repairs, having ready access to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Spare Parts is invaluable for continuous operation.

In summary, the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Spare Parts for the S6R model, and related models such as S4Q2 and S4S, are essential components for a wide range of heavy-duty applications. With their JAPAN origin, standard sizing, and signature silver color, these parts are not only functional but also uphold the aesthetic integrity of the machinery they serve. Coupled with the convenience of free shipping and ready stock, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries ensures that their customers experience minimal disruption and maintain the highest levels of productivity and efficiency.




Model Number: S6R

Place of Origin: JAPAN

Shipping: Free

Product Name: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Spare Parts

Compatibility: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Models including S4Q2

Durability: High

Size: Standard

Our premium Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Spare Parts ensure perfect compatibility and high durability for sustained performance. Whether you're looking for the S4Q2 engine parts, CON.ROD bearing, or the MD162326, we provide standard-sized, genuine spare parts with free shipping directly from JAPAN. Enhance the efficiency of your machinery with our reliable ENGINE PARTS.


Support and Services:

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Spare Parts provides comprehensive technical support and services to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your Mitsubishi equipment. Our dedicated team of technical experts is committed to delivering prompt and accurate assistance for all your spare parts needs. We offer a variety of services including troubleshooting, technical guidance, and product-specific support to help you maintain the integrity of your machinery. Our spare parts are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and precision, ensuring a perfect fit and function for your Mitsubishi Heavy Industries equipment. Trust in our expertise for reliable support and service, keeping your operations running smoothly and efficiently.


Packing and Shipping:

At Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, we prioritize the integrity and safety of our spare parts during packaging and shipping. Our meticulous approach ensures that each component reaches you in perfect condition, ready for use. We utilize durable, eco-friendly materials for packaging to provide maximum protection against any transit-related damage. Furthermore, our logistics network guarantees that your spare parts are delivered promptly and efficiently, no matter where you are located. Trust in Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for seamless and secure delivery of your essential spare parts.



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