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Mitsubishi S6R S12R S6B3 S6A2 S6A3 S12H Safety Relay 04322-20001 04322-40100 Japan

Basic Information
Place of Origin: JAPAN
Brand Name: safety relay
Model Number: 6D31
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 PCS
Price: USD + 220.00
Packaging Details: CARTON
Delivery Time: 3 DAYS
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 2 PCS
Detail Information
Fuel System: Common Rail Number Of Cylinders: 6
Turbocharger: Yes Cooling System: Liquid Cooled
Valve Configuration: OHV Engine Type: Diesel
Warranty: 12 Months Weight: 15kg
High Light:

S12R Mitsubishi safety relay


S12H Mitsubishi safety relay


S6A2 Mitsubishi safety relay

Product Description

Product Description:

Mitsubishi S6R S12R S6B3 S6A2 S6A3 S12H Safety Relay  04322-20001 04322-40100 Japan 0

The Mitsubishi Fuso Engine Parts for the 6D31 model are designed with precision engineering, catering to a wide range of commercial and industrial vehicles. These parts are the epitome of durability and performance, ensuring that your engine runs smoothly and efficiently. The 6D31 engine model, known for its robustness, is further enhanced by the high-quality components that make up its air intake, fuel, and electrical systems.

At the core of the 6D31 engine's power is its advanced Air Intake System. This engine is equipped with a Turbocharged Intercooled system that maximizes airflow, allowing for increased horsepower and torque while maintaining optimal fuel efficiency. The turbocharger is carefully calibrated to work in tandem with the intercooler, which reduces the air temperature, resulting in a denser charge entering the combustion chamber. This process not only improves power but also reduces the engine's emission levels.

The Fuel System of the 6D31 engine is equipped with state-of-the-art Common Rail technology. This modern fuel injection system delivers precise quantities of fuel at high pressures directly into the combustion chamber. The common rail system ensures that the fuel is atomized more effectively, leading to complete and efficient combustion. This not only enhances the engine power but also significantly reduces fuel consumption and emissions, making it an environmentally friendly choice for operators.

The Mitsubishi Fuso Engine Parts come with a reassuring Warranty of 12 months. This warranty backs the quality of the parts and the confidence Mitsubishi has in its products. Customers can rest assured that their investment is protected and that any issues that may arise due to manufacturing defects within this period will be addressed promptly and professionally.

Each 6D31 engine is constructed with a robust Number of Cylinders totaling 6. This configuration allows for a balanced and smooth operation, which translates into less vibration and noise during engine operation. The six-cylinder design is a testament to Mitsubishi's commitment to providing power and reliability without compromising on comfort and driveability.

In addition to the core engine components, the Mitsubishi Fuso Engine Parts range also includes critical electrical parts such as the alternator. The alternator is a vital part of the engine's electrical system, responsible for charging the battery and powering the electrical system while the engine is running. The alternators designed for the 6D31 engine are built to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use, ensuring that the electrical system of your vehicle remains reliable and efficient.

It is important to note that while the 6D31 is the primary focus, these engine parts are also compatible with other models, including the 6D22. The 6D22, another exemplary engine from Mitsubishi, shares many of the design features and specifications with the 6D31, allowing for a wide range of cross-model compatibility. This interchangeability provides flexibility for owners and mechanics when sourcing parts, making maintenance and repairs more convenient.

Overall, the Mitsubishi Fuso Engine Parts for the 6D31 engine model are an excellent choice for those seeking to maintain or enhance their engine's performance. With features like Turbocharged Intercooled air intake, Common Rail fuel system, a comprehensive 12-month warranty, and a reliable six-cylinder configuration, these parts are sure to meet the needs of the most demanding applications. Whether you're looking to replace an alternator or overhaul your 6D22 or 6D31 engine, Mitsubishi Fuso Engine Parts offer the quality and durability that professionals trust.



  • Product Name: Mitsubishi Fuso Engine Parts
  • Valve Configuration: OHV
  • Fuel System: Common Rail
  • Engine Model: 6D31
  • Air Intake System: Turbocharged Intercooled
  • Cooling System: Liquid Cooled
  • Compatible with Engine Model: 6D22
  • Part Number: 80A
  • Reference Number: 80A

Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameter Specification
Engine Type Diesel
Valve Configuration OHV
Turbocharger Yes
Number of Cylinders 6
Engine Model 6D31
Air Intake System Turbocharged Intercooled
Weight 15kg
Cooling System Liquid Cooled
Warranty 12 Months
Fuel System Common Rail
Part Number ME049288
Compatible Engine Model 6D22
Alternator Output 80A


The Mitsubishi Fuso engine parts, specifically the Cylinder gasket with the Model Number 6D31, is a premium component designed to meet the rigorous demands of various applications. Originating from JAPAN, this part is built to uphold the highest standards of quality and reliability. Its application scenarios span a wide array of occasions, each one demanding the precision and durability that the Mitsubishi Fuso brand promises.

The Cylinder gasket is an essential component in the Common Rail Fuel System, which is a hallmark of modern diesel engines. The 6D31 engine model, known for its efficiency and power, relies on this part to maintain its integrity under high pressures and temperatures. The gasket's role is critical in creating a seal between the engine block and the cylinder head, preventing oil or coolant leak and ensuring that the combustion process is contained within the engine cylinders.

Users can find the Cylinder gasket applicable in various heavy-duty scenarios where the Mitsubishi Fuso engines, including models like the 6D22, 6D22, and 6D22, are employed. These engines are often found in commercial vehicles, construction equipment, generators, and other industrial applications where diesel power is preferred for its torque and long-term endurance. The Valve Configuration of OHV (OverHead Valve) in these engines necessitates a gasket that can withstand the mechanical stress and thermal expansion caused by the engine's operation.

The reliability of the Cylinder gasket for the 6D31 engine model is further assured by a 12-month warranty, providing customers with confidence in their investment. This warranty is a testament to the quality and durability of the product, ensuring that the parts will perform as expected and will be free from manufacturing defects. It also underscores Mitsubishi Fuso's commitment to customer satisfaction and its belief in the resilience of its engine components.

In summary, the Cylinder gasket for the Mitsubishi Fuso 6D31 engine is a critical part for engines operating in high-stress environments. Its application in 6D22 model engines across various industrial and commercial settings showcases its versatility and importance. With the assurance of a 12-month warranty and its origins in JAPAN, customers can trust in the Cylinder gasket to deliver performance and reliability when it matters most.



Explore our exclusive Product Customization Services for the Mitsubishi Fuso Engine Parts, tailored to meet your specific needs. Our premium Cylinder gasket, with Model Number 6D31, is a genuine product directly sourced from JAPAN, ensuring the highest quality and performance for your engine. Backed by a solid 12 Months Warranty, you can trust in the durability and reliability of our components.

The Cylinder gasket is designed for engines with an advanced Air Intake System, featuring Turbocharged Intercooled technology for optimal airflow and engine efficiency. The state-of-the-art Fuel System employs Common Rail technology, guaranteeing precision fuel delivery and improved combustion for your MITSUBISHI engine.

Compatible with both 6D31 and 6D22 engine models, our Cylinder gasket is engineered to seamlessly fit into your engine block. The robust design caters to an engine configuration of 6 cylinders, ensuring your MITSUBISHI operates at peak performance. Moreover, the inclusion of a Turbocharger enhances the power output and efficiency of the 80A series engines, making it an essential upgrade for your vehicle.

Choose our Product Customization Services for your MITSUBISHI Fuso Engine Parts and experience the difference in power, performance, and longevity. Trust in our expertise for a premium, customized solution for your engine needs.


Support and Services:

Mitsubishi Fuso engine parts are designed to meet the highest standards of quality, durability, and performance. Our product technical support and services ensure that customers get the most out of their Mitsubishi Fuso engine components. We offer comprehensive support for all our engine parts, including technical guidance for installation, troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair.

Our team of expert technicians is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to provide advice on the proper use and care of your Mitsubishi Fuso engine parts. We strive to ensure that your engine operates at peak efficiency and reliability. To support this, we provide detailed product manuals, easy-to-follow instructional guides, and helpful maintenance tips to extend the life of your engine parts.

Additionally, we offer a range of services to enhance the performance of your Mitsubishi Fuso engines. This includes regular check-ups, diagnostic services, and performance assessments. Our goal is to minimize downtime and ensure your engine is running smoothly at all times.

For any issues that may arise, our technical support team is ready to assist with effective solutions and recommendations. We are committed to providing a hassle-free experience and ensuring customer satisfaction with our products and services. Trust Mitsubishi Fuso for all your engine part needs, backed by our unwavering support and dedication to excellence.


Packing and Shipping:

The Mitsubishi Fuso Engine Parts are meticulously packaged to ensure safe transport and delivery. Each part is individually wrapped in protective material to guard against scratches and impacts during handling. The parts are then securely placed in sturdy, custom-fit boxes that are designed to minimize movement and reduce the risk of damage. The exterior of the boxes is clearly labeled with the contents and handling instructions to ensure proper care is taken during the shipping process.

We use reliable shipping carriers with a proven track record of delivering automotive parts. The shipment includes a tracking number that allows you to monitor the status of your delivery in real-time. Our aim is to provide a swift and efficient delivery service to ensure that your Mitsubishi Fuso Engine Parts arrive on time and in perfect condition, ready for installation.

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